As The World Turns
Laurie - 2008
By The Light of Crappy Reality TV - 11/10/10 (10:29am)
"So, Noah told me you've been cheating on me."

Reid paused, mouth open, obviously half-way through whatever greeting he'd been preparing. After a moment he closed his mouth and rolled his eyes. "Of course he did. I probably sacrificed a couple of virgins to the God of Neurology, too."

Luke gave Reid an obvious once-over, smiling as he stepped closer, trying to silently reassure Reid that he hadn't been concerned by Noah's 'news'. "Which would be yourself, of course," he said. "I don't see any virgin blood."

"I showered,"

- 11/10/10 (10:29am)

- 11/10/10 (10:29am)

- 11/10/10 (10:29am)

Laurie - 2008

Laurie - 2008

Stargate: Atlantis
Laurie - 2008

High School Musical
Laurie - 2008
What Hurts the Most - read 07/30/08 (3:40 am)
Ryan says goodbye before leaving for college. Chad and Troy have a talk.

Serious - read 07/30/08 (12:08n)
Sharpay gets her way and Chad can’t get Ryan to focus. No real plot, just some fluffy humor.

The Way it Makes you look - 08/08/08 (1:08am)
Ryan Evans sighed and checked his watch as he hurried across the baseball field.

Chad versus the Kissing Booth - 08/08/08 (4:15am)
For the record, Chad was against the whole thing from the beginning.

Chord Progression - 08/08/08 (4:52am)
Ryan plays the piano. Sometimes he does it when other people can see.

Happenstance - 08/08/08 (7:51pm)
"I'm, like, the normal, focused, straight-down-the-middle jock. How'd I end up in the psychotic, orgiastic, stoner, trust fund, drama kid group?"

As Long As We're Here - 08/08/08 (8:18pm)
Chad's being jumpy, and Ryan can't figure out what it is. Sharpay provides helpful ideas that for some reason Ryan does not heed.

This Year's Prom King - 08/17/08 (3:23am)
[Zoom in] until you get to the guy slouched in the middle of the nice beige loveseat... That's me. I'm telling the story; I get the establishing shot.

Community Service - 08/24/08 (4:20am)
“In what way am I a tease?” he whispered. “You came onto me. I blew you. You came.” He paused for a moment, then shrugged. “You’re just pissed off because I didn’t call you the next day.”

Summer Time - 09/08/08 (4:01am)
As high school lets out for the last time, Chad and Ryan spend more time together.

The Other Side Of You - 10/30/08 (1:44pm, 2:40, 3:35, 4:36, 5:50, 6:36pm)
“I’m not big on the whole… twinkling thing.”

A Cure For Homesickness - 11/02/08 (8:43am, 8:48, 12:21pm)
Ryan may be living his dream and he may be glad to be done with high school but there's a lot that he misses.

Rivers in Egypt - 11/02/08 (12:46pm)
Chad isn’t jealous. And denial is just a river in Egypt.

Out and Proud - 11/02/08 (7:02pm)
Sharpay challenges Ryan’s pride. This is not okay. But there’s more to the situation than meets the eye.

Tools of the Trade - 11/02/08 (11:25pm)
The black skinny jeans had started as an experiment, and quickly evolved into Ryan’s favorite undefeated seduction tool.

Of Winter Breaks, Those You've Known, and How Much Can Change in Two Weeks - 11/06-07/08 (1:55pm, 12:18am, 12:07pm)

Eating Cherries - 11/07/08 (2:48pm, 3:24, 3:32)
At the first get-together after graduation Ryan and Chad each have some news for the others. But Chad may be a little late with his information… perhaps too late?

Even Maids Divinely Fair… - 12/07/08 (5:36pm)
Ryan's surprise visit to Sharpay at the U of A holds a few surprises for him as well.

Boy Disease - 01/02/09 (6:49pm)
Chad realizes his relationship with Taylor hasn't gone anywhere and tries to figure out why while his friendship with Ryan intensifies and strains his friendship with Troy.

As Planned - 01/07/09 (3:06pm)
A thousand miles away, Ryan Evans might be the best friend Chad's got.

Long Distance - 01/07/09 (3:26pm)
Prompt: Chad and Sharpay become close friends while attending U of A and Ryan misinterprets this as them dating

Ryan's Three Rules - 01/09/09 (5:20pm)
Ryan has three rules he lives by: One, always wear a hat; two, only trust an Evans; and three, never, ever get involved with someone in the closet.

Prompts From Without - 04/02/09 (4:34am)
One of Chad's U of A teammates is an idiot, and Sharpay spills some beans.

Start of Something New - 04/21/09 (8:43am)
If there was no Gabriella, "Twinkle Towne," or merging peer groups, would Troy and Ryan ever have crossed paths on their own?

Best-Laid Plans - 04/07/09 (8:49am)
You don’t say it aloud, but it’s true, and the only difference you’ve ever been able to see between Gabriella and Sharpay is in grasp of subtlety and fashion sense.

Homemade Gifts (Nearly Always Suck) - 04/07/09 (9:09)
Coming out is the easy part. Chad opens with that.

Unholy Alliance - 04/07/09 (9:42am) ##
he was looking at Chad's hand like its existence on his bag was incomprehensible. Then again, lots of things seemed to be incomprehensible to Ryan, like that boys shouldn't wear pink, so whatever. "Hey, dude. Favor," Chad said, only slightly winded. Ryan's eyes flicked to his, he blinked, and his confusion was a thing of the past. "Talk to me," Ryan said.

Waltz - 04/07/09 (10:11am)
“Wow,” Ryan says, a week later, feeling as demoralized as Chad’s hair. “You really don’t dance.”

Tipping the Kinsey Scale - 04/07/09 (2:00pm)
Chad is straight. No, really. Ryan is not straight, and this doesn’t bother Chad at all. No, really.

A Series of (Un)Fortunate (Mis)Understandings - 04/23/09 (9:15am)
Zeke frowned. “You’re saying I should date some random girl and make Sharpay jealous? No offense, man, but I don’t see that working.” Ryan shook his head. “Not some random girl.”

Awkward Guy and Barista Boy - 04/23/09 (3:03pm)
Plotless fluff in which Chad runs errands and chats with Ryan on the phone. Absolutely nothing happens.

Body Shots and Broom Closets - 04/23/09 (3:28pm)
Ryan was supposed to be visiting Sharpay, but ended up at a frat party doing a body shot off of Chad. Um, whoops?

Light Bulb Moment - 04/23/09 (3:58pm)
This is something of a sequel to Body Shots and Broom Closets (NC17), taking place about a month later -- though it deals mostly with Chad and Troy's friendship.

Thanksgiving Break - 04/23/09 (4:08pm)
If Chad had made a to-do list for Thanksgiving break, having sex with Ryan would definitely have been somewhere on it, right after eating a giant meal and watching football. Or maybe before.

I Will - 04/23/09 (4:53pm)
It's Valentine's Day. Chad is dateless in Albuquerque, Ryan gets stood up in New York, and a ten-hour phone call forces them to confront their feelings for each other. (Frat!verse)

Rehearsals - 04/23/09 (10:49pm)
When Ryan convinces Chad to dance in the Fall Musicale, things change between them.  Featuring: Scheming, singing, dancing, cunning plans, wacky misunderstandings, small girls in leotards, one thousand elephants, boykissing, banter, musical reconciliation, and something resembling a plot.

A Promising Start - 04/23/09 (11:43pm)
Ryan is delusional.

This Wouldn’t Have Happened in the Analog Era - 04/23/09 (11:43pm)
The jocks invited Ryan to watch the game, only Shar had a date and wouldn't stop texting him so he couldn't really help that he scandalized the poor boys and really, how did this stuff happen to him?

Community Service - 04/24/09 (1:23pm)
Ryan tells Chad not to question his own sexuality. Chad does not appreciate this.

Extra Innings -
"Evans! I'm not saying I'm gonna dance in the show...but if I did...what would you have me do?" A slow grin spread across Ryan's face as he contemplated his own sudden change in fortune.

Chord Progression - 04/30/09 (11:21pm)
Ryan plays the piano. Sometimes he does it when other people can see.

The O.C.
Laurie - 2008
A Kind of Extreme - 07/30/08 (9:04pm)
Summer doesn't find out that Ryan's back in Newport until Marissa tells her.

Full Disclosure - 08/23/08 (12:12n)
But the biggest clue that Seth was still mad was the fact that he'd had Ryan's list laminated, but not before adding, "Herr Ryan's Commandments: Obey or Suffer the Consequences" to the top.

When Subtext Becomes Text or When Seth Cohen Fulfills His Destiny as a Superhero - 08/23/08 (1:20pm)
Okay, clearly Ryan wasn't seeing the subtext. Which was fine, since the subtext shouldn't be there anyway. There should be nothing that was subtextual.

Eleven P.M. in the Pool House of Hot and Sexy - 08/23/08 (1:38pm)
If everyone thought Anna and Seth were making out, nobody would be thinking that Summer and Seth were making out.

Cipher - 08/23/08 (1:47pm)
when Seth dragged Summer into Ryan's pool house -- where he was, once again, although no one was able to tell Summer exactly what had happened -- Ryan didn't make them leave or say anything nasty. He just kind of squinted.

Anima Sola - 08/23/08 (2:12pm)
Ryan was eating ice cream straight from the carton, and not wearing a shirt, and barely wearing his jeans, and that only made her scowl more. Ryan shouldn't be walking around almost naked, even if it was his house.

The Circumstance Cycle - 08/23/08 (7:29pm, 9:05pm, 10:17pm)
Would Summer be up for it? Probably, if Anna could spin it right. And Seth would be, especially if they borrowed Ryan's pool house and Seth walked in on them. Right out of a porn movie, every guy's fantasy.

You Gotta Go With This - 08/23/08 (10:41)
And he's like, I have coffee for you, exactly how you like it, right down to no foam and extra whipped cream so it melts into the coffee and makes it sweet without sugar.

Somewhere in between - 08/24/08 (2:51pm)
Seth has no idea what he was thinking back then, less than five hours ago, when Tatiana talked with him, but he wonders now. Because he was only mildly surprised by the way she asked, the way she worded that question, "what are you guys doing?"

the popsong fic - 08/26/08 (3:58am, 4:09am)
It was three weeks before she actually realized that Jack wasn't 'boyfriend' material

Backwards Attraction - 10/17/08 (11:06pm)
Seth thinks it's probably not a good thing that Ryan looks so appealing to him when he's all beaten up.

Language Barrier - 10/20/08 (11:00am)
Ryan gets pissed and doesn't exactly give Chad the silent treatment. Chad would have kind of preferred it if he did, though.

Cowardly Acts - 10/22/08 (1:53pm, 10:14, 11:57, 12:25am, 12:48am)
Seth Cohen: twenty years old, unspecified major, neurotic mess.

Harry Potter
Laurie - 2008
Potter Shaped Malfoy - read 07/14/08
The war’s long over but everybody still hates the Malfoys. Everyone except Al Potter, that is. Can friendship between the son of a Death Eater and the son of the Chosen One work? Can it last?

A Wizard’s Guide to Pocket Dwelling - read 07/16/08 (2:05pm)
Eight years after Hogwarts, Albus and Scorpius are flatmates in London. Albus is a bit of a disaster. Scorpius is in love with him, but remains an innocent bystander until he has a not so brilliant idea.

The Game of Love - read 07/16/08 (4:40)
I chose to use your first prompt (Slytherin!Albus and Ravenclaw!Scorpius paired up in Potions), but I also incorporated some Chinese and one or two items off your lists.

By the Book - 09/23/08 (1:15am)
Scorpius Malfoy was thirteen when his parents divorced. He’d always known it would happen someday, but he didn’t expect it to be so bloody loud.

Never Trust A Slytherin - 09/23/08 (2:35am)
Al grinned. It would be the crowning glory of his final year – the one thing that would prove, once and for all, that he was not his dad in any way, shape or form. He would seduce a Slytherin – the son of his father's great enemy – and prove to Scorpius Malfoy his perfect trust in him. How hard could it be?

The Road Less Travelled - 09/23/08 (3:22am, 3:44, 4:05, 4:24, 4:39, 5:04, 5:24, 6:03, 6:48, 7:04am)
No matter how well prepared you think you are, life can always surprise you.

Tree Steps Back - 09/23/08 (7:27am, 7:45, 8:02, 8:20, 8:35, 8:50, 9:12am)
It’s five years later, and all is not well… Sequel to The Road Less Traveled.

The Rules of Malfoy Manor - 09/23/08 (9:39am)
The ten rules the Malfoys have established since the birth of Scorpius.

This Year’s Love - 09/23-24/08 (10:22am, 10:41, 6:01pm - 6:46, 11:40 - 12:14am, 12:37, 1:12, 1:51 - 2:42, 3:20, 3:47, 4:27, 5:03am)
Scorpius Malfoy is outed during his fifth year at Hogwarts, his older boyfriend flees the scene, and Alby Potter takes a special interest in the scandal.

the world has it's shine (I would drop it on a dime) - 09/24/08 (5:49, 6:24, 7:05, 8:09)
post-series. Scorpius may have joined the Aurors of his own free will, but he stayed for Albus Severus.

A Dance In December - 12/25/08 (12:37)
Fifteen years after the last Triwizard Tournament, which ended so disastrously, another Triwizard Tournament is staged at Hogwarts, complete with Yule ball.  All four former champions are invited, and asked to bring a date.  Harry and Cedric bring each other.  (Semi-AU ... Cedric is alive, but much remains of canon)

Master Work - 01/12/09 (12:17am)
Harry's eighth-year at Hogwarts is going about as well as all the others. Someone is out to get him, Aurors keep questioning him about the final battle and, worst of all, Draco is determined to repay his life debt to Harry.

Three Things that Harry Hates - 03/31/09 (6:26am)
There are perhaps three things that Harry hates. Injustice. Prejudice. And Cedric Diggory.

Advocate - 04/07/09 (11:23am)
Cedric lived. Time went on. Harry's just won the war, only to find out that he has to choose whether he wants to be an Advocate or not. “All you have to do,” Hermione said, “is determine if you are going to Proffer or be Proffered for.” I figured the Cedric/Harry fans deserved a courting fic, too. Complete.

Big Wolf On Campus
Laurie - 2008

Laurie - 2008
four times ryan watched michael touch other swimmers (and one time he did something about it) - 08/22/08 (6:57pm)
Olympics | They’ve passed on deck a couple of times, but Michael’s always got his headphones in and it’s pretty much unwritten law in Beijing: thou shalt not disturb Michael Phelps whilst he listeneth to Lil Wayne.

my shoes lined with nickels - 09/10/08 (12:30am)
Transformers | He’s still not fond of speaking normally to Sam too often. Sam treats him a little different when he does it too much – a little less like Mojo, a little more like another person.

The Morning Star - 10/07/08 (4:39pm, 6:19, 9:11, 9:40, 9:54pm)
Shadow of the Templar | Simon Drake is an up-and-coming young FBI hotshot...Jeremy Archer is the brilliant and unpredictable scion of a long line of international art thieves...May the best man win.

Double Down - 10/08/08-10/09/08 (7:18am, 9:29, 10:38, 12:33pm, 1:16, 2:48, 5:23, 5:56, 7:26, 8:10, 9:18, 7:48am, 8:08am)
Shadow of the Templar | "Hypothetically, I was wondering how you'd feel about working on the side of the good guys. On a purely contractual and highly erratic basis, mind you." Little did Simon suspect the explosive consequences that would arise from his offer.

With a Bullet - 10/09/08 (7:39pm, 9:18, 10:11, 7:04am, 7:46, 11:07, 11:42, 2:04pm, 5:25, 8:36, 11:21, 11:51, 12:01am)
Shadow of the Templar | For Jeremy Archer, it all starts with a simple phone call from halfway around the world. For Simon Drake, it all started three years ago...

Happy/Merry - 10/11/08 (8:15am)
Shadow of the Templar | An honest-to-God Shadow of the Templar holiday story!

Mi Papi - 10/11/08 (8:27am)
Shadow of the Templar | A fluff piece about nine-year-old Mike, mostly because I wanted to explore his unusual family situation, explain a little about how he grew up the way he did, and also have Mike talk about kicking people in the nuts.

Thief of Hearts - 10/11/08 (8:31am)
Shadow of the Templar | A Shadow of the Templar Valentine's Day story

Made A Scene By The Revolving Doors - 02/19/09 (7:51pm)
Gossip Girl | "All of my scandals ultimately end up being about something else," Eric says. "It's a funny thing to be grateful for."

Mike Dies At The End - 04/27/09 (11:52pm)
Original | Solving the following riddle will reveal the awful secret behind the universe, assuming you do not go utterly mad in the attempt. If you already happen to know the awful secret behind the universe, feel free to skip ahead

Blood and Thunder, a Cha-Cha Challenge 05/06/09 (5:19pm)
Bring It On | She has a bumper sticker on her car that says, "Hockey is life," and Whitney heard from Janice who heard it from Blake that Missy doesn't even really like the roller derby and thinks it's, like, just an excuse for guys to watch chicks beat the crap out of each other while wearing short skirts. Which, okay, she kind of has a point there. A rollergirls AU.

Boston Marriage 05/06/09 (11:15pm)
Gilmore Girls | "I would like to make you a proposal." "Well, ask your assistant to type something up and have it on my desk before close of business."


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